BitCoin What is it? – Cryptocurrency money


What is cryptocurrency?

 Cryptocurrency is electronic money. In fact, payment method, just like as €, $, … only to cryptocurrency in cash does not exist. Cryptocurrency is quite a lot (over 2,000), currently the largest market capitalization of about $ 10mld (number of coins times their value) is Bitcoin, which you’ve probably heard. How coins arise, how they are used, stored, traded (e.g. changes in €/$). Why are safe, why are anonymous and why transactions are transparent, etc. you can read a little more on the portal Coindesk:, respectively yet in many places on the Internet.

Producing coins = Mining coins
Mining production is Cryptocurrency. Resources for mining are powerful computers, management and electricity.
Manage the work of IT engineers to constantly take care of the optimal settings of your computer.
Computer loan the computing power of a system that solves the algorithm (it is recorded transactions and confirmation crypto-currency), and the system returns back computer-owner to upgrading coins that are predictable in 10 minutes or. per minute born. This is called mining crypto-currency.

Why are cryptocurrency useful?


Payment by cryptocurrency are:
– Transparent (no fraud, no theft, no skipping, intercalation, not state and banking interventions …)
– Swiftly (within a few seconds the unlimited amount of money it’s at the other end of the world)
– Cheap (transmission € and $ costing up to 29% forwarded value, depending on the height amounts and distance, if the value is transferred through banks, Western Union or Money Gram …), crypto-currencies have almost zero cost.

Who will use cryptocurrency?

– 2-3 billion people without a bank account, pay will be using a smartphone
– 500 billion of money that transfer from workers working abroad to home to their families
– Rich people, companies and others that transmit high amounts from one end of the world to another
– All the others that are interesting to a fast and cheap money transactions

Cryptocurrency What is the most useful?

So far it is to the external market, the most useful Bitcoin, which is significantly larger market capitalization than all other crypto-currencies in the world. Apparently accepts Bitcoin 200,000 merchants, mostly online stores, some are inland-stores: Coinmap

Traditional-currency-vs-cryptocurrency Bitcoin has two very large gaps.
– Its value is extremely variability, so merchants for accepting Bitcoin is very difficult to decide
– Bitcoin system is capable of only so many transactions in one year as Mastercard done in one day

What cryptocurrency will be the most global grasped?

This is actually a million dollar question :). Indeed, given that the crypto-currency emerging from virtually nothing, and is to invest in the crypto-currency, highly asymmetric (may be a little lost, a huge gain). All crypto-currency may not be transparent comparisons, since all are not on the open market.
– We can compare the market capitalization: Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations
– The number of users and miners (Leocoin, Bitcoin, Octacoin, …)
In fact, it will be grasp very little crypto-currency, perhaps 3 or 5, others will be forgotten.
According to the company’s vision, outstanding leaders, the trend in the number of members, the growth of the coin on the internal market and other indicators will be over 2 years ago when the coin comes on the open market by far (about 100 times) greater than all other crypto coin only one. And it will, in my belief, and after many Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin card

Bitcoin the coin is actually miners for global use. The maximum number of coins will be 120mld. Its market capitalization in three years, is estimated at 6.000 billion, which is comparable to the amount of printed dollars. In addition to being faster, capable of multiple transactions from MasterCard and Visa, and are more transparent than Bitcoin and its value is considerably more stable, has enormous potential to become the most useful crypto-currency in the world.

How can I profits from the Bitcoin?

How Bitcoin works

As with all crypto currencies can invest in mining coins. In Bitcoins, you will receive for your money yet educational package for the finance, trade and crypto-currencies also learn, so you will not only speculatively looking at currency (now cheap buy tomorrow expensive sell), but the crypto-currency changed your €, merchants and it will be no restrictions on use and waste. So, change in € will not even be necessary 🙂